One of the major drawbacks of Windows 7 (although it has so many new functionalities) is that we are not allowed to change the background Image that appears in the Login screen. By default, windows seven brings the blue background (the same screen image that comes by default in vista too).

But thanks to Thoosje Windows 7 Logon Editor, with a few clicks we can change windows seven’s logon screen.

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Change Windows 7 Login Screen Background

You can change your Windows 7 Login screen in seconds and reverse settings it back to the previous and original logon screen anytime. It’s also comes with a browsing function to select your own images and has a build in control the image doesn’t exceed theWindows 7 limit of 246KB for the maximum size of the Login screen image size.

Of course it has a preview option so you can see the effect of the changes before committing to them. 

> Download Thoosje Windows 7 Logon Editor : Link
It also comes with a library of free login screen backgrounds, Like great windows 3D logo’s and various other Themes like Movie, Cars and many more.

Similar Tool for Changing Logon Screen

Check out Logon Changer [Link], that lets you choose a image file to use as your logon background. That all what you do, just choose an image and Logon Changer will take care of everything else including the file size limit. It also makes it super easy to revert back to the default Logon Screen.

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