If you have domains that are not developed or you are not posting any article or content on it then you have a good opportunity to earn some extra bucks from unused domains. Google ‘Adsense for domains’ is now opened for all international publishers. 

 You can see ‘Adsense for Domains’ option in your Adsense account also. Log in to your Adsense account and check the tab ‘Adsense Setup’. Under this tab click on ‘Adsense for Domains’ link and follow the instructions to add your parked domains in Adsense for Google domain parking service. When you add your domains successfully in Google network you need to follow instructions provided by Google to point these domains to Google servers. Once approved your domains will be ready for ‘Adsense for Domains’ advertisements.
BUT, you need to strictly comply with Google Adsense for domains program policies in order to get benefit of this program. Keep in mind that if you break their policies, your Adsense account may get banned and then you can’t put Adsense ads even on your developed content sites also.
Publishers having premium domain names can take advantage of this Google domain parking service. This parking service is directly a competitor for major domain parking services like sedo.com. Sedo is pulling Google Adsense ads for showing on their parked domains and in return getting their share as a middleman. Now there is no need of this middleman and you can share revenue directly with Google thus increasing your domain earning potential.
Couple of more things you should be aware about ‘Adsense for domains’ program policies are:
  • You may not promote your parked websites by displaying unwanted advertisements on third-party websites
  • Sites participating in Adsense for domains may not be framed or displayed on other sites
So beware of these policies before enrolling to ‘Adsense for domains’!