Tata Photon-WiFi (A new Launch)

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Tata Photon Wi-Fi:
Tata Teleservices has launched the new Tata Photon Wi-Fi Pocket Router in India. According to country’s fastest-growing telecom service provider, this release is first of its kind of product in the country. It is extremely useful for those who have multiple Wi-Fi devices like laptop, iPad, smartphone etc. Due to its Wi-Fi capabilities, it allows multiple users to be get connected simultaneously too.

Its Features are:
1. This revolutionary new access device enables you to stay connected with web through a single internet connection while you are on the move.

2. It allows broadband internet access speeds up to 3.1 Mbps (downlink) and 1.8 Mbps (uplink).

3. Not only simple internet surfing or email access, it supports large file downloads, photographs, spreadsheets etc too.

4. It has an in-built battery back-up up to 2.5 hours.

5. It comes with a RJ45 Ethernet port for local area network (LAN) connection.

6. This feature lets you plug the device into your PC and get started instantly.

The sleek new product is available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Delhi at a lower introductory price of Rs. 4,999, while the open market price is Rs. 6,500.

Let’s see, how much impact this slim and revolutionary device can have in today’s fast-evolving technology.

For Tariff Plans, visit Photon's official website (here)
For more details about the device and to apply for the device, you can fill in the form located (here)

AutoDesk Maya 2011 Crack

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hooeey webprint (beta)

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Hooeey has launched a completely new application for internet geeks, who spend a lots of time being on the internet, and want to save and analyze what they browsed.

What is hooeey webprint?

hooeey webprint is a free desktop application, that creates your personal web history library automatically! 

What is hooeey webprint Plus? 

hooeey webprint Plus is your personal library of selectively uploaded browsed pages on the cloud for

anytime, anywhere access.

What is hooeey webprint Office?

hooeey webprint Office is a centralized on-line space for storing and organizing a company's or group's web browsing assets.


OwnTrix - September Contest

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Our September contest is now live..
Its very easy to participate in the contest. Here's the process to participate in the contest:
1. You just need to write a post/article on any topic related to computers and internet, having atleast 120 words.
2. Add images to beautify your article.
3. Mail your articles to:  contestentries@owntrix.tk
4. Watch and wait, if you're the next winner.

The best article will receive a prize of $2 USD to his AlertPay account, and his Article  will be showcased on our blog (http://owntrix.tk), along with his name and website URL
So, start writing your articles now!!

Terms & Conditions:
1. A person can only participate once, so submit your best writings.
2. The topic must be only on Technology, and the article must be related to computers and internet.
3.  Payments will only be made via Alertpay.
4. Articles must be self written, and should not be copied from anywhere on the web. However, you can take ideas from web.
5. Last date of submission of entries will be 30th September, or till we reach aleast 10 entries.
6. Winner will be announced in the 1st week of October.
7, Winner will be decided on the basis of the quality of the artice.
8. The decision of author will be final and shall not be opposed to.
9. Articles must be having atleast 120 words.

Worth Looking for Android Phones

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With Android2.2 launched just some time ago, Android OS is fastly taking over the phone market in India and also in many countries worldwide and its open source system is generating a lot of hype. New handsets are being unrevealed at our local markets on a very regular basis and here are some of the handsets that we should and will love to see in the coming months. Also, we've included a few already available android handsets.!

|LG Optimus GT540|
The Optimus is LG’s new range of Smartphones and the first one that will hit the Indian market in an official capacity is the GT540. It’s a sleek handset that will support Android 2.1 OS and hopefully be upgradeable to Froyo when it’s available OTA for us. LG will include quite a few goodies preloaded with the device, a 2GB card and their own UI with widgets. The Optimus also supports DivX and XviD video playback. We even got an exclusive sneak pre-launch preview of the device, check it out. (Image)
Features include -