Why Google Chrome OS and MS Office are Most Wanted If there are two releases planned for 2010 that all users should look more closely, are the Microsoft Office 2010 and Google Chrome OS. No resemblance, but both will keep you busy looking over pictures and demos. But because there are many good news about these two projects, some video and image material enough to share why these are the most wanted in 2010.


After the changes the company made the jump from the 2003 version to the new Office 2007 suite experienced many improvements compared to the older Word and Excel we all knew when we were kids and learned computers using them.


Screen Post Installation of Office 2010

One of the things that most liked in this beta of Office 2010 is the speed that has the booting and simplicity of its structure, beyond that Office 2003 was extremely minimal.

The fact of using toolboxes for each of the options and alternatives with different tabs that are above, makes the new Office takes up less space to use more options and greater maneuverability for the common user.

Following the same point in the top right corner is an option to use these panels in a more minimalist yet. What makes the little arrow beside the question mark is getting all the panels at a time, so we only choose what to redeploy from the tabs.

If the date is hard to find, two clicks also will. That is, each of the options within the tabs (Insert, Reference, Mail, among others) are able to fold or unfold once we double click over them.

File menu in Microsoft Office 2010

In addition, the File menu is much more graphic than in older versions of the suite. Inside we find several options, among which the Recent submenu to see the latest opened files, the permissions section to protect the document when you save and the information screen provided to us before saving a Word file.

Microsoft Office 2010, Word in particular, we will also make a bridge between various blog editors. Among the list includes some known as Wordpress, Blogger and Windows Live Spaces.

To download the beta of the new office suite Microsoft go to this link and click the "Get Now" at the top right corner, green button.


Google’s operating system had been developed earlier this year, information that flooded the Internet for several days and fulfilled the expectations of many of us who use services from Google every day, such as GTalk, Gmail and GMaps. I guess everyone almost…

Chrome boot OS (7 seconds)

Chrome boot OS 7 second

A few days back news of the launch scheduled for next year and also the novelty of the event organized by Google to give some details about gOS, demos and let us show some new images.

It was found that Chrome OS starts in about 7 seconds because the PC does not need to start with processes, one behind the other, as with Windows machines that must endure.

Furthermore, gOS will be completely free, with updates throughout the system and the opportunity to unlock the system by ensuring that all the data stored will be stored online. In addition, we have a range of applications gDocs style, Youtube or gTalk integrated with our browser, Chrome.

CHROME OS GOS Applications Menu

GOS Applications Menu

Another positive point is that Chrome OS is a system that does not rely on any application that we have pre-installed, so for safety not to trust anyone and thus maintain our stability as possible.

The bad news is that gOS is an operating system that is downloaded like any other and installed. Quite contrary, at the time of its release, gOS will run on laptops that are manufactured exclusively for it. Most people will get discouraged, but I am sure that the Laptops or netbooks will cost much less than with Windows 7.

This video which explains a little more what is Chrome OS, comparisons with the browser and boot other operating systems. gOS will have its official launch in late 2010.

I think the whole world is waiting for this Launch … what say ??