Microsoft Windows 8 Might be Released on 2012 After the boom of the apocalyptic movie 2012, breaking all expectations and lockers, I think many are wondering if when that time comes we will all live and survive the supposed end of humanity. Though I didn’t like the movie much…

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But for those who are not as pessimistic and prefer to keep watching the progress of technology, I must tell you that there are some rumors and dates that match for a possible upgrade of Windows Server will also be accompanied with the new Windows 8.

Too soon ? Maybe … but given the huge amount of people who have laid eyes on Seven and have been fully satisfied, to launch a new operating system in 2 years is not such a bad idea.

Microsoft's Windows 8 Might be Released on 2012

As discussed in Cnet, Microsoft in recent times has attempted to release versions of Windows Server almost on a par with the desktop. So in this 2009, accompanied by the launch of the new Windows Server 2008 R2, we could also consider further improvements to Windows Seven.

Given this coincidence, considering that in 2012 Microsoft is planning another new update to the version of Windows for servers, it is likely that the group of developers begins to chart a common timeline to amaze us with the MSWindows 8 .

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As for now the said thing about windows 8, are only rumors and coincidences, but I’m sure more than one likes the idea of having a new ad within 2 years to further improve the already very good Windows Seven of this year.