Solve Orkut Error  You Cannot Create This Scrap Problem You might have faced the situation where you try to send a scrap to some one and you get the error “You Cannot Create This Scrap“. It might be a bit annoying but there is a reason why it shows up.

Why “You Cannot Create This Scrap” Pops Up ?

If you’re unable to send scraps, messages, friend requests, or testimonials to another Orkut user, it’s likely that this person has added you to the ignore list either on purpose or by mistake.

How to Add Someone on the Ignore List ?

You can prevent another user from sending you scraps, messages, invitations, friend requests, and testimonials by adding that user to your ignore list. To do so, simply visit that user’s profile and click ignore user under their profile picture after clicking the more » . (See Below)

Solve Orkut Error  You Cannot Create This Scrap Problem

How to Remove Someone from Ignore List

If you’re not receiving scraps, messages, friend requests, or friend invitations from a particular user, this may be because you’ve accidentally added them to your ignore list.

Solve Orkut Error  You Cannot Create This Scrap You can remove someone from this ignore list by following these steps:

  1. Visit your homepage and click lists on the left sidebar. (Link)
  2. Click the ignore list tab.
  3. Click delete next to the name of the person you’d like to remove from your ignore list.

When you remove an orkut member from your ignore list, this person will be able to send you scraps, messages, and invitations.

Solution to the “You Cannot Create This Scrap” Orkut Problem

In case the friend has added you in the ignore list by Mistake which is a bit impossible. Try to tell him/her to follow the steps above to remove you from the ignore list on orkut.