There is a Great News for Orkut Lovers. They have rolled out a new interface for orkut. According to the reviews, it seems that they have focused primarily on a clean simple interface, fewer pages, faster browsing and greater personalization.

A Look at the New Interface of Orkut

New Interface of Orkut Seems Promising  Faster, Simpler

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Features on the New Orkut Interface Look

  • Better "What are you up to ?" : If you are eating pancakes or watching tv, you can let all your friend know about it.
  • Fewer pages, faster browsing : Making the homepage a one-stop-shop for nearly everything that you’d like to do.
  • A clean, simple interface : Reorganized the most important activities on orkut so that they are easy to find and even easier to use.
  • Greater personalization : Make your orkut profile and homepage truly your own by choosing the color that best fits your style.
  • Video chat : In case if you are bored with text based chatting, video chat is now possible without any software.

Excited about the new version of the site? Then you’ll also be excited to know that they’re returning to orkut’s roots and granting access to it via invitations.

Video Ad of The New Orkut Experience

How to Get Invites for the New Orkut Interface ?

Starting today, there are 3 ways to get invites:

  1. Join Poppy and Shashi on the official community ( for insights into the new version of orkut and participate in one of the many activities that will be taking place there. Be sure to check back often as the owners will be regularly announcing new ways to get access.
  2. Find a friend who’s already using the new version of orkut and ask for an invite. You can see who’s already gotten access via your activity stream or by this icon that will appear on your friends’ profile pages, next to their names.
  3. Gaurav Dua of OrkutPlus will be giving away 10 Invites (Check Here).

I’d like to think of this as the beginning of a new evolution for orkut though the updates make it look just like facebook. I like the older orkut though… what do you think ?

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