How to Import Extract Pictures from PDF Files Extracting pictures from PDF files can be simple task if PDF file is not big, you just need to use print screen feature if save as image option is disabled in PDF file.

Tip : Edit a Read Only Secured PDF File

However if PDF file is big then it can be very inconvenient to use print screen or save as image option.

Import, Save Pictures & Images from PDF Files

#1 – PDF Image Extract (Link) is a free Windows utility that does exactly what the name suggests: it extracts images from PDF files.

Extract Pictures from PDF Files

#2 – PDF to JPG (Link) can also become a handy tool. PDF to JPG is command line utility to extract all jpeg pictures from pdf without any jpeg recalculation.

How to Extract Pictures from PDF Files

How To Extract Pictures in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Itself

Acrobat 6 contains a new feature to extract all images from a PDF file…

  1. Open the PDF document you want to extract graphics.
  2. From the Advanced menu choose Export all Images.
  3. In the Export All Images As dialog box, choose the location and correct file type for the images.
  4. You can also give a general name to the images that will be downloaded. Each will be named the same but will include the page number and image number.

Note : Pictures can be extracted from PDF files only if the creator has not set any security restrictions.