Create a Hotkey Shortcut to Safely Remove USB Drive If you frequently use USB devices like a flash drive or ipod, they you are probably already familiar with the "Safely Remove Hardware" option.

The problem is that clicking that tiny icon just right to bring up the menu every time bugs me and forces me to use brute force and just pull out the thing. Finally I found a solution.

Creating a Hotkey to Eject USB Plug & Play Devices

Create a Hotkey Shortcut to Safely Remove an USB Drive USB Disk Ejector is a program that allows you to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. It was originally designed to remove only USB pen drives but will now eject any USB device.

When run as a ‘normal’ GUI program the tools enables USB devices to be quickly ejected through a mouse click or keyboard press.

It’s especially useful when dealing with multiple USB devices and for Vista users who don’t want the ‘now safe to remove this device’ dialog box to appear

Creating a Hotkey to Eject USB Plug & Play Devices

If you assign a hotkey to eject the desired Drive letter for eg. H: in my case. You can create an executable through a shortcut and can operate the entire thing from your keyboard. Quite useful for keyboard ninjas!

It can also be run as a non-visual command line program or a normal gui program. Its very useful if you have to use USB flash/pen drive frequently

Download USB Disk Ejector : Link

I think it’s really quite easy. Atleast much easier than trying to click the tiny icon in the tray. Do share you views on this …