Bookmark and SharePlease read the whole post completely, and if you again like to invest in this website, you're 100 % allowed to do that. is a 100% guranteed scam. I lost my money, and i don't want you to lose your's now (Updated Report - See end for latest news about this website)

Just, got amazed, when i saw an advertisement on a website, saying "110 % profit in 1 day". So, i just wanted to check it out.
I thought it as a scam and just signed up and left the website. After a few days, i saw a same advertisement on another website. So, this time i decided to check it out.
When i went to  the site, and tried to login with my previously created account, i can't login. I tried using "Forgot Password' to get my password resent (in case, i really forget  it). But, there was no response from them to my password request.
Then, i just created a new account with the same username i used earlier and woha! the username was available and my account was created (That was the first time i felt, it might be scam). But, thought they might have deleted my account, as i've not deposited any amount to the account.

So, I deposited a sum of $1.50 into their account,  via AlertPay. Everything was going good.
So, the next day came (after 24 hrs). I can see an increase in my balance, from $1.50 to $1.60 ( :) was a happy moment to see that).
With some trust, i just asked for the cashout of $1.60. They immediately accepted my cashout request and $1.60 were transferred from active deposits to Pending withdrawals account.
After that, there's no response from them.

So, here's some images to prove my working:
1. My account page. I've highlighted important points and explained them there only. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

2. Their claimed features page. These are the features they claim they have, but they are not correct at them. (Click on the image to enlarge)

3. My Withdrawls History Page: This page shows the date and time when i requested the withdraw. You can see the difference stated in the features and  the time they are taking.

|Latest Update: The account says that the money has been withdrawn to my alertpay account, but i cannot find any new payment in my AlertPay account from MatrixFinance.
Here's a copy of eMail confirmation received after completed withdrawl:

 "Hello Narender Singh.
$1.60 has been successfully sent to your AlertPay account n/a.
Transaction batch is n/a."

The email shows the Alertpay account and Transaction id as N/A. It means that money has not been transferred to any account, instead acquired by the MatrixFinance owner.|

So, with the support of points mentioned above,  I can easily say that this site is a scam. They are only taking member's hard earned money, and then they don't reply. The website is showing more and more points proving it as a scam.
Its extremely unsafe to invest money in this site. There's no chance that this site will ever pay.

If you have any doubts, feel free to leave them in the comments. I'll be happy answering them.


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    Then tell me now that what can we do now for receiving our money. I spend my $1.01 via alertpay