Windows 7 has been making headlines for a few months now. You might think that you know about all that it contains: new touch screen features, a revamped taskbar with larger thumbnail previews, Internet Explorer 8, easier networking and so on.

But, Windows 7 is packed with new developments – it’s just that most people aren’t talking about them.

Features you didn’t know About Windows Seven

  • Keep your PC clean
  • Restrict other users
  • Action Center
  • Tone down UAC
  • BitLocker to go
  • ‘Run as’ returns
  • Find and fix problems
  • The Problem Steps Recorder
  • Extended System Restore functionality
  • Discover bottlenecks
  • DIY system discs
  • Faster IE startups
  • Simultaneous disk defrags
  • Multithreaded Robocopies
  • Search connectors

Yes I know, I also didn’t understand the the List. So you need to Read the post below in case you want to know details of the features. It will be a bit boring. Lot of Technical Terms. But very good resource for geeks :P

30 Things You Need To Know about Windows 7 – Read the full Read Full Post.