It’s official and now you can download the new version of the Mozilla browser: Firefox 3.6.
The new version of Firefox introduced new features, boasts a 20% faster than Firefox 3.5, improved the boot time and opening tabs and include improvements in the browser’s internal architecture to improve performance of tasks everyday, such as using email, social networks, etc..

Download Firefox 3.6

Also implements new features like Personas (a customization of the browser through topics), the detection of outdated plugins, a faster version of JavaScript, and improvements in the management of bookmarks and address bar that now shows results much faster, the company said.
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Firefox 3.6: New Features

Personas (Watch video) can transform the appearance of Firefox to easily select new topics. Also, no need to restart the browser to apply themes. There are currently over 35,000 items available.
Detection outdated Plugins: Firefox plugins that automatically sense to update outdated, preventing potential security risks and vulnerabilities.
Stability improvements: Firefox 3.6 significantly reduces the unexpected closure of the browser produced by third party applications (without sacrificing the system extensions).
Complete forms: Similar to the smart location bar, but designed for forms. Now to complete an online form, we propose Firefox data for each field, based on the responses used in similar fields in other forms.

Performance: Improved performance of JavaScript in the overall response of both open browser tabs as reducing the boot time.
Video and audio in an open format: Improved implementation in support HTML 5 video and audio (Vorbis and Theora) and now can show videos in full screen.