What is ISO Format CD Image - How to Mount It  on Virtual Drives -Marking-label-cd Many a times when you download software you will get it as a ISO or a CD image file formats which are just a image of the actual CD drive. An ISO file needs to be burned on a CD or DVD so that you can use or install the software.

For those who do not have a CD / DVD burner this may cause a lot of problems as those files will be rendered as useless.

If you are one of those who do not have a CD / DVD burner or do not want to burn the image on a CD / DVD but still want to make those use the files inside the image you can do that with the help of MagicDisc.

MagicDisc Virual CD/DVD-ROM is a freeware that allows you to mount ISO files as a virtual CD or DVD drive.

You can mount up to 15 virtual CD / DVD drives using MagicDisc. In addition to this you can also create a image file (ISO) from a existing CD or DVD. Usage is pretty simple. Once you have installed the software. It will show up as a tray icon like shown below.


Right clicking on the icon will load a new menu using which you can mount or unmount and image files as a virtual CD / DVD drive. Selecting the virtual drive will show you options to mount or unmount the drive.

magicdisc-virtual magicdisc-virtual-mount

Clicking on mount will open a file dialog from where you can choose the image file and mount it as a virtual drive and will appear in your Windows Explorer. You can then install the software or copy the files using the mounted drive. Once you have finished use of the mounted drive you can simply click on the Unmount option to unmount the drive.

This is a very useful software as it supports many different types of image files along with supporting the default ISO files

IMA/IMG (Generic disk images)
CIF (Easy CD Creator)
NRG (Nero - Burning ROM)
MDF/MDS (Fantom CD)
VCD (Farstone Virtual Drive)
VaporCD (Noum Vapor CDROM)
P01/MD1/XA (Gear)
VC4/000 (Virtual CD)
VDI (Virtuo CD Manager)
C2D (WinOnCD)
BWI/BWT (BlinkWrite)
CDI (DiscJuggler)
TAO/DAO (Duplicator)
PDI (Instant Copy)

MagicDisc will work on Windows 9x / Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 and Vista based PC for 32 bit version and Windows XP / 2003 and Vista 64 bit editions.

Let me know if you found this software useful. Your comments are always welcome.

Download : Click to Download MagicDisc Virtual CD/DVD-ROM.