Types of Popular Real Time Web Services Online Internet is now no longer just a tool to catch up on the latest news but also the news in real time as well. The latest buzz in the World Wide Web is that of real time web action. This actually began from Twitter which provided with the real time information about the activities the friends, colleagues or others are doing.

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Popular Online Real Time Web Services

A lot many real time services are now provided by several websites, here’s a list of some of them:

#1 – Twitter : Real Time Social Networking Website

Popular Online Real Time Web Services It is needless to say that twitter is one of the most commonly used real time social networking website. It has become the easiest way to know the latest buzz on the internet on any field under the sky. However, there are companies and people that use this feature for their own good.

For instance, Evri is a useful website that keeps a track on the shifting patterns of Twitter and then selects the most popular topic for it to trigger. It finds out the relevant information on the topic and hence serves you with all complete information that you need to know. If you are web design company India and looking for real time information in the same industry in USA, follow web designer from USA and get realtime information.

#2 – Publish in Real-time with Enjoysthin [Link]

Different Types of Real Time Web Services Online

This is an interesting site that enables you to enjoy the latest published artistic work in real time and this can be also shared with the friends in real time. The website received double the amount of popularity when it began to share the items live on the browser. It is a pleasant site with user friendly interface, and bringing in the real time published items.

#3 – Real Time Discovery

The user can look for the real time discovery in the topic of their interest with the help of these two well known websites, YourVersion and Lazyfeed.

  • Lazyfeed (Link) is specially meant for surfing all your favorite topics in one place and hence saves you time and energy.
  • YourVersion (Link) allows the user to discover, share and bookmark latest and real time web content of the user’s interest.

#4 – Real Time Sharing with Pip

Real Time Web Services Online pip-io

Pip.io (Link) is a unique real time sharing website that can create wonderful and exciting sharing experience for remote users. The website uses Ajax and XMPP as the communication platform such as that of messaging. It allows you to chat, watch online videos, and do much more.

#5 – Real Time Search Engines

Search engines have also undergone a revolutionary change after this craze for getting information in real time. There are plenty of real time search engines these days that provides real time search results by using Twitter or by using Twitter itself, though Twitter is not a search engine. Wowd, OneRiot and Faroo are certain examples of real time search engine and they make use of Twitter, other online sources and clickstreams to provide users with specific results.

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