MappedUp takes the form of a free Screensaver, active desktop, or website widget that displays items from RSS news feeds overlayed geographically on a world map in real time.

The news items are shown as either clickable bubbles or little dots that light up on the map itself and display a tooltip/popup window when moused over (check it out in action here).

A Screensaver That Shows You Breaking News Happening Around the World

I have never been one to seek out screensavers, but every once in a while I find a cool and/or interesting one that I like for example MappedUp. for me falls in that category. Note that while thescreensaver is only one of three of this program’s features, I did try the active desktop part

Here are some Features :

  • This program does not function as an RSS reader instead it allows you to choose up to 5 of its pre-defined RSS feeds as well as up to 5 general tags/categories (e.g. News, Technology, Internet, etc.) You can easily submit a feed to be included in their feeds list, though.
  • The screensaver is my favorite; allows you to use the mouse to interact with the map without closing down the screensaver (press any key on the keyboard to dismiss the screensaver). Looks really cool.
  • You will need to set up an account at the MappedUp website in order to use the service and be online while using the screensaver.

Link : Download MappedUp

This program scores high in the coolness department. It is more of a toy than a tool to deliver information at your fingertips.