Ever wanted to make an attractive wallpaper for your desktop with your favourite actor, anime character, car etc. Well now you can with with some of the tools mentioned below.

#1 – Making Attractive Wallpapers with WallPaperMaker Online

Wallpapermaker is a free service that in a few seconds will allow you to make attractive wallpapers even if you have no skills in graphics.

Make Attractive Wallpapers with WallPaperMaker

To make a desktop wallpaper you just choose from the top menu background "background" and then if you want you can enrich it with pictures "main picture" or additional layers "accessories". At this point you just need to define the size and press the button "Build MyWallpaper.

Attractive Wallpaper Made by Me Using Wallpaper Maker

Make Attractive Wallpapers with WallPaperMaker preview

Click to Enlarge to Actual Size

#2 – Some More Tools to Make Attractive Wallpapers

  • WallCreator [Link] – Create and download wallpaper online free with the wallpaper creator.
  • Animated Wallpaper Maker [Link] : Creates animated backgrounds for your desktop
  • Mobile Wallpaper Maker [Link] : With this tool you can create mobile wallpapers with messages.

Try yourself to make one … and let us know…