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Aviary is a powerful suite of
browser-based design tools for
people who create, released an
extension for Google Chrome
that allows you to do screen
capture right in your browser!
The extension adds an icon to
Chrome that allows you take a
screen capture of the visible
portion of any webpage and
open it instantly in Aviary ’s
visual markup editor (Falcon)
where you can crop it and add
arrows and notes.

Capture Website Screenshots
Directly using Google Chrome

Once you have a screenshot you
can easily download it to your
desktop or if you have an
Aviary account, save and host it
online at Aviary. You can easily
push the screenshot to Twitter,
Facebook and other locations
> Download Chrome
Extension by Aviary : Link.
One limitation is that it can’t
capture the full page (that is
normally hidden until you scroll
down) and Flash content. But
both of these features are
available in Aviary ’s firefox
addon for screen capture (Link) .
The extension also lets you
quick launch any of your
favorite Aviary editors.